Revamped F1 24 Career Mode: Choose from Former Legends or Current F2 Drivers

EA and Codemasters have significantly lifted the veil on F1 24 and unveiled the essential gameplay aspects that virtual racers will be delving into when it launches on May 31.

Revamped F1 24 Career Mode: Choose from Former Legends or Current F2 Drivers
F1 24 Career Mode

Top of the bill, in TG's opinion, is a revised career mode that introduces a new reputation system and inter-race objectives, as well as the ability to race as one of the current grid drivers for the first time in the mode's history.

You can also use Zane Maloney or Andrea Kimi Antonelli from the current F2 grid as your career mode avatar, or - perhaps the most exciting prospect of all - bring back one of the sport's 'legendary icons' and see how they stack up against Super Max and Hammer Time. (If Marcus Winkelhock is not on that roster, we will send a highly-worded letter to EA and possibly our local MP.)

F1 24 also has a new handling model called 'EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling', which incorporates "new suspension kinematics, upgraded tyre model, advanced aerodynamic simulation, and new engine and car setup options".

Max Verstappen, a young man, assisted Codemasters in developing that new handling model, so when we get our hands on it at Monza, we'll be going into that first chicane with extreme caution.

Several tracks have been redone for additional realism and authenticity, including Spa-Francorchamps, Lusail International Circuit, and Jeddah.

Perhaps taking a page from Frontier's F1 Manager series, clips of real race radio from current drivers are now available in-game, which should add an extra layer of authenticity.

It's unclear where audio clips of Sky Sports F1's Crofty becoming overly excited about an uninteresting race start in which Verstappen breaks the DRS barrier within two corners will appear.

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