Discover the Latest Meta Smart Glasses Styles and AI Updates from Ray-Ban

In collaboration with EssilorLuxottica, our second-generation smart glasses are selling out quicker than we can produce them. They are flying off the shelves. We're also adding new models to the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses line just in time for the summer sun, so you can discover the ideal pair. These styles are made to accommodate a wider range of facial shapes. To make the glasses even more helpful, we're also updating Meta AI and introducing new functions.

Discover the Latest Meta Smart Glasses Styles and AI Updates from Ray-Ban
Ray Ban: Meta AI Glasses

A Frame for Every Face

Seeking a retro atmosphere? Designed to fit smaller faces, our new Skyler frames have a cat eye shape that pays homage to a bygone period of legendary jet-set flair. 

We're also expanding our Headliner frame lineup to include a new low bridge option. This is the right option if your glasses often push on your cheekbones, slip down your nose, or rest too low on your face. 

By customising any one of the hundreds of frame and lens combinations found on the Ray-Ban Remix platform at, you can make the glasses really unique. Our most recent versions may also be used with prescription lenses. On and, preorders for Skyler and the new Headliner low bridge fit are presently being taken. These new styles are available in fifteen countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, and most of Europe.

Additionally, for Miami 2024, we're launching the first ever limited-edition Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses in a special Scuderia Ferrari hue. The Ray-Ban Meta for Scuderia Limited Edition, which will be released on April 24, 2024, combines the history of Ferrari with classic Ray-Ban style and innovative technology from Meta.

Share Your View on a Video Call

There are certain moments in life that are simply meant to be shared, like seeing your child take their first steps or soaking in an amazing view while hiking. For this reason, we're introducing the option to share your screen during a hands-free video conversation using WhatsApp and Messenger.

Not sure which brand of kombucha to buy at the grocery store? Unable to determine if that pineapple is ripe? You may now video contact your mother and ask her for advice depending on what you saw. The update for Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses with video calling is coming soon, so if you don't see it right away, don't worry! It will roll out gradually.

Meta AI Makes Your Smart Glasses Even Smarter

The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses have an ultra-wide 12 MP camera and integrated audio, among many other technological features. Additionally, Meta AI, an intelligent assistant that supports you in creating and interacting with the people and things you care about, is available in the US and Canada. Say "Hey Meta," and feel free to inquire! With the use of voice commands, you may operate the glasses and even obtain real-time information because of Meta AI.

In December, we began testing a multimodal AI upgrade that will allow you to ask your glasses questions about what you're seeing, and they will respond with insightful commentary or recommendations. Since they can now see what you do, you can do more with your glasses. We're releasing this feature in beta form to all Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses in the US and Canada as of right now. 

Let's say you are trying to read a French menu while travelling. Without requiring you to take out your phone or look at a screen, your smart glasses can interpret the text for you using their built-in camera and Meta AI.  

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