New Official Steam Controller by Hori: Valve’s Unexpected Decision

Nearly five years after Valve stopped making the Steam Controller, a new officially licensed gamepad for Steam is coming. Made by Hori, this new controller is called the Wireless Horipad for Steam, and it’s only being released in Japan for now.

New Official Steam Controller by Hori: Valve’s Unexpected Decision

Key Features

  • Design: The Wireless Horipad matches the Steam Deck’s menu buttons and has similar touch sensors on its sticks for gyro controls.
  • Connections: It supports both Bluetooth wireless and USB-C wired connections.
  • Customizability: Users can customize the controller using Hori’s software.

However, it’s not a Steam Controller 2. It lacks rumble, the four back buttons, and the signature trackpads of the Steam Deck.
Availability and Pricing

The controller will be available in Japan on October 31st, in four colors (black, white, neon yellow, and violet), and will cost 7,890 yen (about $50).

US Release?

There’s no information yet on whether this new Steam controller will be available in the US or other countries. The Wireless Horipad looks similar to the wired Horipad Pro for Xbox, which has been praised for its ergonomics and D-pad, though it is somewhat outclassed by cheaper options.


Wireless Horipad improvements include:

  • Wireless Capability: Wireless only (Bluetooth only, which is often less stable than a USB dongle) unlike the Horipad Pro
  • Programmable Buttons — Four total, Rear: two below Lower triggers Front facing lower right D-pad and thumb stick.

Market Insights

Valve doesn't even have a new branded Steam controller for the world of Deck-powered living. It's easy to see why Hori is starting in Japan, given how huge handheld gaming still it. Even has Valve teamed up with another company for distribution of Steam Deck in Japan.

Rising Gamepad Usage

The latest stats from Valve charting input device usage on Steam are set to paint a rosy picture for gamepad use. Additionally, Valve has added some new controller optimizations in Steam which could be a sign that it's planning more licensed third-party steam controllers much as you get with Xbox consoles.

Final Thoughts

Until then, the Wireless Horipad for Steam holds a lot of promise. As more folks use a gamepad on Steam, perhaps we will see additional licensed offerings. The Wireless Horipad will be a fun addition for the time being and I look forward to trying it out.

Detailed Comparison

New features that stand out from previous controllers in the Wireless Horipad for Steam The Bluetooth connection means everything is cable-free, but the downside of this method for wireless comms also makes it less stable than using a USB dongle. More personalization is at your fingertips thanks to the addition of programmable buttons. The thumbsticks are layout and touch sensor feel like the Steam Deck so its easy for transitioning users who use Valve handheld device.

Community Impact

With the release of a product like the Wireless Horipad in Japan that just might mean an uptick for PC Gaming peripherals. Japan is a market that has long loved handheld gaming, and the success of Steam Deck (which does indeed include full buttons on both sides) also could have helped push Hori to launch Wireless Horipad there first. It might also prompt other makers to produce controllers of their own, which could provide a wider choice for Steam users.


The Wireless Horipad for Steam represents a significant step forward for Steam-compatible controllers. Its combination of wireless connectivity, customizability, and design tailored for Steam users positions it as a strong contender in the gamepad market. Whether or not it will be released outside Japan remains to be seen, but its launch is an exciting development for the gaming community. As Valve continues to enhance controller support and integration within Steam, the future looks bright for innovative gamepad solutions.

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