Forget the Official Xbox Controller: This Budget Alternative is a Must-Buy at Its Lowest Price Ever

GameSir has been a staple in the gaming peripheral industry, and their G7 SE gamepad is a testament to the manufacturer's reputation for the creation of top-class and innovative products. The GameSir G7 SE is one of our top picks for Xbox and PC gamepads, it's what GameSir does best. At a great price, this pro controller is incredibly comfortable, very functional, has anti-stick drift technology and is very inexpensive.

Forget the Official Xbox Controller: This Budget Alternative is a Must-Buy at Its Lowest Price Ever

Unbeatable Value with the Limited-Time Amazon Deal

Right now, you can get the G7 SE this for an amazing limited-time discount on Amazon at 12% off of the standard price of $49.99 that brings it down to just $43.99. Since it was already pretty affordable at its MSRP and dips in price are never below the norm for those sales, this is a new low on the G7 SE compared to when it was on sale last Black Friday.

For reference, a normalXbox controller will run you roughly $54 on Amazon, depending on color. The GameSir G7 SE offers all of the advantages of the latest pro controller design and boasts Hall Sensor thumbsticks, but it costs $10 less. As with most top-tier Xbox Series X controllers the G7 SE includes handy onboard audio controls and a pair of easy-to, This deal offers remarkable value, especially considering that some high-end brand controllers can cost up to $200.

Design and Customization: A Canvas for Creativity

One of the most attractive features of the GameSir G7 SE is its design. The eggshell off-white color may seem dull beside the colorful hues of official Xbox controllers, but this gamepad should be a blank slate. The G7 SE is another mouse with an interchangeable faceplate, something you don't see often in PC controllers. There have been a lot of really cool shots to come out of the woodwork and even some nice, official designs on offer from GameSir directly, on its site. You may remember a famous artist who made his own custom work for a past executive controller. This one would provide a similar customization ability for another artist to use or for anyone to appreciate the unique style/concept.

Wired Mode: A Non-Issue for Serious Gamers

The GameSir G7 SE does not concern with the above issue as it is a wired-only gamepad. With 3m of cable, it is not really an issue, and during our large tests, it seems to be a minor problem. To get Xbox's green stamp of approval, most "official licensed" Xbox controllers need to be wired.

Gaming | Source Why it's better A wired connection means there's zero latency and you can play any time, any place, without worrying about wifi signals. This is especially important for competitive gaming. A wired mode is also available, for the best reaction times in those split-second moments in frenzied competitive games.

Advanced Customization with GameSir’s PC App

On a positive note, the GameSir G7 SE can be customized quite a bit through GameSir's PC app. You can customize deadlines, triggers, vibrations and everything else on the software. This level of detailed customization, for this price, is a big win.

For platformers and third-person games, playing on PC with the G7 SE feels fantastic. It has enough room for the largest of hands for a smaller controller Even after hours of gameplay, being ergonomically designed is a way to enjoy a game for a longer time without discomfort.

Performance and Build Quality: A Gamer’s Delight

This is a pretty impressive feat, which is why the GameSir G7 SE is doing more than the aesthetic. The controller boasts Hall Sensor thumbsticks, however, which go a long way in dodging the stick drift common to many controllers. For precision and response, thumbsticks are top-notch; both casual and professional gamers would appreciate this advantage.

Having the full audio controls allows you to change the volume and mute your microphone without backing out of your game at any time. The two rear buttons are well-placed and offer an extra-control option without the need to move your thumbs off the thumbsticks.

Battery Life and Durability

While the GameSir G7 SE is a wired controller, it’s worth noting that it is built to last. The robust construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of intense gaming sessions. The 24-hour battery life claimed by the manufacturer is impressive, though it’s essential to remember that this applies to the wireless models. For the wired G7 SE, the durability and longevity of the hardware are more relevant factors.

Customer Reviews: A Testament to Quality

The GameSir G7 SE has garnered rave reviews from users. Reviewer Some Guy shared, “I’m already impressed, and I haven’t even gone past 50% volume on the basic equalizer settings yet!” Such feedback highlights the exceptional sound quality and performance of the speaker.

Micha S., another satisfied customer, stated, “For a portable speaker system, there isn’t really anything out there that can touch this for sound quality, durability, or how loud it can go while still maintaining clarity. This is probably why JBL charges a serious premium for it.”

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy the GameSir G7 SE?

In conclusion, the GameSir G7 SE stands out as an exceptional gamepad for Xbox and PC. Its blend of functionality, comfort, and customization options make it a top choice for gamers. The current Amazon deal further enhances its appeal, offering unmatched value for money.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality, affordable gamepad, the GameSir G7 SE should be at the top of your list. Its superior build quality, advanced customization options, and reliable performance make it a worthy investment for any gamer.

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