"PSVR 2: The Best VR Headset Now $100 Off for PlayStation’s Days of Play Sale – Get It for $449 at Walmart!"

The greatest VR headset for gaming available, the PSVR 2, just saw a $100 price reduction in honor of PlayStation's Days of Play promotion. While PlayStation Store game sales are always the major attraction of this event, Sony recently unveiled one of the best hardware offers of the year in both countries.

"PSVR 2: The Best VR Headset Now $100 Off for PlayStation’s Days of Play Sale – Get It for $449 at Walmart!"

This deal, it may be argued, gets the PSVR 2 down to what it should have cost from the beginning. Although $550 isn't exactly a steep price for what we consider to be the best VR headset, it's a significant barrier to overcome in order to win over the console crowd. But now look at it—it's finally only $449 at Walmart. Not only that, but Sony's VR headset is now available at John Lewis for just £429 in the UK, after it was previously priced at £409.

I wouldn't wait around because there will probably be fierce competition for stock considering this is a high-end gaming piece of hardware from a company that rarely offers discounts. This is the best chance you've ever had to play with PSVR 2 if you can't wait to do so.

Naturally, this reduction comes just a few months after PlayStation declared that PC compatibility for the headgear is under development and could be available this year. It also follows numerous reports claiming that PSVR 2 sales have been weak. Since those headlines nearly always accompany the launching of a VR headset, I personally never place too much weight in those reports.

The Meta Quest 3, the main competitor of the PSVR 2, is most reasonably priced in its 128GB capacity, and this offer reduces the price of Sony's headset by $50. I would contend that this is the finest VR headset offer of the year, given that any reductions we have seen on either device have been extremely small in comparison to this.

Should you buy PlayStation VR 2?

You already know that I'm glad to endorse PSVR 2 till I turn blue in the face if you've read my previous VR coverage. That is not to suggest that Meta Quest 3 isn't a strong competitor; nevertheless, PSVR 2 is unbeatable in terms of price to performance, resolution per eye, and pure gaming capabilities. 

This is a somewhat more difficult recommendation if you don't own a PS5. We now know that PC support is on the way. I would really consider getting this instead of a Quest 3 if you have one of the greatest gaming PCs and have been tempted to get one up until now. A great VR headgear for PC gaming is made possible by the OLED display, the controllers' capacitive sensors, and foveated rendering.

Despite the Meta Quest 3's mixed-reality features and unquestionably amazing game catalog, if PC gaming is going to be your primary emphasis or if you already own a PS5, this is without a doubt the headset to purchase. 

I'm thrilled that you are aware of this offer if you own a PS5 and have the necessary funds. The PSVR 2 is without a doubt one of the greatest PS5 accessories and gives your console a whole new lease of life. Playing the amazing VR games that are currently available to us or browsing the console's larger library in cinematic mode—which is still one of my favorite ways to use the device—are just two examples. 

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