Thinking about Fallout after the TV show? Pause on Fallout 3 for now, here's why.

There is a 2023 leak saying that a remastered Fallout is still in the making but with new cool stuff. I played Fallout 3 when it came out in 2008 pretty much nonstop until the actual Wasteland started looking like one. I explored the vast open world looking for every quest, piece of loot, or Nuka Cola bottle cap I could get my hands on. I’ve loved it so much that I wouldn’t mind visiting my supermutant friend Fawkes or blowing up Megaton once again. But I won’t. Not right now. If you have the same itch, you can scratch it with a better Fallout 3, which will be out soon. In the meantime, you should play Fallout New Vegas instead.

Thinking about Fallout after the TV show? Pause on Fallout 3 for now, here's why.
Fallout 3 for Now credit: Bethesda

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As we emphasized in September, the distribution dates were drastically off, and nothing about this statement turned out five years later. The intention was for the Oblivion remaster to arrive in fiscal 2022, while Doom Year Zero will be released in fiscal 2023. In fiscal 2024, we were supposed to see Fallout 3’s remaster. Three more months were taken to distribute the computer game, but clearly, none of the arrangements were maintained.

However, bear in mind that all of those predictions were made prior to the Covid-19 epidemic having a significant impact on development timelines. The remasters of Fallout 3 and Oblivion may have been shelved, but it's more probable that a few years of epidemic development caused a delay. Starfield's tardiness in leaving the building contributed to the probable postponement of the two remasters. Even if Bethesda outsourced a large portion of the work to other studios, it would probably still be in charge. 

In the upcoming years, I believe both remasters will be released. However, Bethesda just this week said that it intends to capitalise on the popularity of the Fallout TV series to entice players to return to the games by introducing a sizable 'next-gen' upgrade for Fallout 4 and new content for the mobile spin-off Fallout Shelter. Though it might take some time, Fallout 3's remaster will eventually allow us to return to its own region of the Wasteland. 

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