Pokémon GO: Cleffa Hatch Day Guide - Tips & Strategies

When Pokémon GO's Cleffa Hatch Day event rolls around, be ready for a unique day devoted to the endearing Fairy-type Pokémon. Trainers will have more chances to hatch Cleffa from 2 kilometre Eggs, including its shiny variety, thanks to this event. This is your comprehensive guide to maximising the benefits of this brief event.

Pokémon GO: Cleffa Hatch Day Guide - Tips & Strategies
Cleffa Hatch Day Guide

Event Timing

Start and End of the Event: Sunday, April 28, 2024, from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM local time is Cleffa Hatch Day.

Extended Bonuses Period: Starting on Friday, April 26, at 10:00 AM and ending on Sunday, April 28, at 5:00 PM local time, extended bonuses are offered.

Event Bonuses

2× Candy from Hatching Eggs: When you hatch eggs, you'll get twice as much candy, which will help you strengthen and develop your Pokémon.

Half the Normal Hatch Distance: During the event, eggs deposited in incubators will only need to hatch after half the normal distance.

Increased 2 km Egg Drops: PokéStops will drop 2 km Eggs more frequently, which will raise the likelihood that Cleffa will hatch.

Featured Pokémon

Cleffa Hatches: During the event, 2 km Eggs will produce Cleffa more frequently. Additionally, there is a greater possibility that Shiny Cleffa will hatch, giving your collection a unique shimmer.

Event Research

Field Research

When spinning Photo Discs at PokéStops, you'll be able to do Field Research activities with an event theme that award XP and Stardust.

Timed Research

Free Timed Research: All trainers have access to free timed research, which includes activities that grant XP and a Super Incubator.

Paid Timed Research: This research costs $1.00 and includes extra difficulties with prizes like double hatch stardust, super incubators, and star pieces. For those who want to optimise their event gains, this is a fantastic choice.

Shiny Opportunities

Increased Shiny Chances: As a result of the event, there is a higher possibility that 2 km Eggs may hatch into Shiny Cleffa, providing you an opportunity to see this uncommon kind.

Sales and Offers

The Ultra Hatch Box is a great package for enthusiastic hatchers. It costs $19.99 on the Pokémon GO Web Store and comes with 15 Super Incubators, 10 Basic Incubators, and 5 Poffins.

Hatch Box Bundle: Get five Super Incubators, five Basic Incubators, and two Lucky Eggs from the in-game store for 925 PokéCoins, which is a substantial bargain.

Tips for Maximizing Your Event Experience

Prepare in Advance: Get ready in advance to maximise the 1/2 hatch distance. Fill up on incubators and finish up your egg inventory before the event begins.

Make a Route Plan: Pick a walking path that will let you to interact with PokéStops as much as possible in order to gather more 2 km Eggs and finish Field Research assignments.

Remain Charged: Make sure your smartphone is well charged or bring along a power bank; prolonged usage of the app, particularly when utilising the camera and GPS, will rapidly deplete battery life.

Collaborate: Arrange with companions to exchange hatches for possible Lucky Pokémon, and assist one another in expediting research assignments.

Trainers should take advantage of Cleffa Hatch Day as a great way to expand their Pokémon collection, get additional rewards, and experience the community vibe of Pokémon GO. Don't pass on this exciting and amazing day!

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