Destiny 2: The Final Shape Set to Revolutionize the Game in a Positive Direction

There is a lot riding on the The Final Shape DLC for Destiny 2. It's the end of Destiny's light and darkness epic and the climax of a ten-year tale. Fans haven't actually seen much of The Final Shape after a four-month wait, but Bungie gave a sneak peek at what's coming today. With the announcement that players will be able to combine Light and Darkness powers for the first time ever, the teaser left me with the impression that Destiny 2 is going to feel drastically different—and terribly broken.

Players can combine specific class skills from distinct damage kinds with the help of a new subclass called Prismatic, which combines the energies of Light and Darkness. Thus, you may utilize a solar ability to destroy an enemy group with a massive explosion after dropping a stasis grenade on them to freeze them. During a gameplay preview webcast, Destiny 2's combat area lead, Ben Wommack, admitted that the game felt a little bit broken.

Combining these skills should give the game's build crafting a new twist, but it will undoubtedly ruin a lot of the gameplay. However, that's usually part of the appeal of Destiny; Bungie gives players a broken weapon or skill, and they must work for hours on end to feel very strong.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Set to Revolutionize the Game in a Positive Direction
Destiny 2 players can look forward to a new Prismatic Subclass in The Final Shape update.

The heyday of this power fantasy was reached in Destiny 2: Forsaken, when Super powers were unlocked in the player vs player mode and you could easily destroy adversaries in the player versus enemy section of the game. It's obvious that Bungie wants to recreate the mayhem and pleasure of this previous Destiny 2 era.

The Final Shape's power fantasy will be further enhanced by new exotic class goods that let players combine exotic armor benefits. Bungie unveiled class goods for hunters that allow you to fast prepare weapons and use Orbs of Power to overcharge your superpower. Since these rolls are random, you can anticipate that there will be a variety of really broken combinations.

But The Final Shape will also have some new foes in exchange for all this strength. The Dread faction is a new opponent type that includes flying bats with weaponry. The Subjugators, whom Bungie has already hinted to, and the Tormentor, who debuted in Destiny 2: Lightfall, are among these new fighters. There will be new adversaries such as:

  • Grim: the gun-wielding flying bats that can subdue you if they approach too closely
  • Husk: Unless you find their weak point, this melee-focused enemy will send a deployable adversary in your direction.
  • Weaver and Attendant: they "change the flow of the encounter and force Guardians to pay attention to their positioning on the battlefield" by using their skills to telepathize and strand people.
The Witness, the primary adversary in Destiny's light and darkness narrative, who is in charge of a Black Fleet of pyramid-shaped ships that players have already explored, will be your opponent when The Final Shape comes to an end. Executive creative director at Bungie Luke Smith hinted that "Facing The Witness is not the end of Destiny 2, and it's definitely not the end of Destiny." "We'll tell you what's coming next for Destiny 2 and beyond after you face The Witness."

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