Amazon Music's Maestro: A Spotify AI Playlist Challenger Emerges

Music streaming services are using AI capabilities more and more; just look at Spotify and its insanely popular AI DJ tool. With the announcement of Maestro, a new AI playlist generator, as a feature, Amazon Music is now set to venture into the realm of robot-generated playlists.

Amazon Music's Maestro: A Spotify AI Playlist Challenger Emerges
Amazon Music with Spotify AI Playlist

Maestro launches Amazon Music's foray into AI features, joining the ranks of the top music streaming services. Maestro will be accessible via the Amazon Music app for iOS and Android users at all subscription levels, and it is presently being rolled out in beta to a limited group of US members.

Maestro is "an AI playlist generator that helps you create any playlist you can think of - plus all the ones you can't," according to Amazon Music. Maestro looks and feels a lot like Spotify's AI playlist tool. It uses a chatbot like interface that lets you speak or enter commands to create a personalised playlist. You can even add emojis to your suggestions to make them more precise.

Amazon Music claims that users can make more specialised playlists by utilising emotions, activities, and noises in addition to emojis. It appears that you may be as crazy as you want when it comes to your suggestions. For example, you might try "music my grandparents made out to" or "I want to recycle my boyfriend." 

You may also choose from a list of recommended prompts, such "make my baby a genius," "afrobeats energy boost," or "soundtrack for a lazy day," if you're at a loss for ideas or have run out of original ones. 

Maestro is still in its early phases of development, so even while it's an exciting milestone for Amazon Music, the function “won’t always get it right the first time,” according to Amazon. In spite of this, Amazon has already put in place a mechanism that prevents the use of inappropriate suggestions and abusive language, and it intends to utilise this testing phase to collect user input and incorporate it into Maestro's development.

With the release of its AI Skills applications for Alexa and its most recent chatbot, Rufus, which increases the allure of impulsive purchases, it is clear that Amazon is increasing the number of AI integrations it is doing. Amazon is undoubtedly catching up to its rivals in the music streaming space with Maestro, but could the recent launch of its AI playlist creator deal a mortal blow to Spotify?

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