AMD's Upcoming Medusa "Ryzen Client" CPUs are Set to Feature the Revolutionary Zen 6 Processor and RDNA 5 Integrated GPU Cores.

Anticipating the Fusion of Zen 6 CPU & RDNA 5 GPU in AMD's Medusa "Ryzen Client" CPUs
AMD's upcoming Medusa "Ryzen Client" CPUs are set to feature the revolutionary Zen 6 processor and RDNA 5 integrated GPU cores.

Medusa, AMD's codenamed next-gen Ryzen client CPUs, reportedly will feature two revolutionary core architectures, @Olrak_29 claims. The CPU part will leverage a bleeding-edge Zen 5, 6 core architecture whereas the graphics side will tap an RDNA 5 integrated GPU architecture. These details leak ahead of the expected mass production of AMD's Zen 5 "Nirvana" and Zen 5C "Prometheus" CPUs that are anticipated later this year.

Zen 6 and RDNA 5 GPU architecture details are still scarce, given the forthcoming launch of Zen 5 and RDNA 4 GPUs. More recent information suggests that Zen 6 will feature a much bigger architectural leap than Zen 5. The CPU will sport a brand new package layout, augmented by a 2.5D interconnect, which will provide for higher bandwidth to solve CCD/IOD interconnect and latency issues seen in the current lineup.

Previous reports indicated that the Zen 6 core, codenamed Morpheus, will likely take advantage of 2nm process technology. RDNA 5 will likely see the biggest architectural improvement, however, as it marks the red team’s return to the enthusiast market, given that RDNA 4’s primary focus will be the mainstream and high-end gaming segments.

The Zen 5 and Zen 6 internal codenames are also revealed through the video. 5nm-based Zen 4 cores are referred to internally as Persephone while the 3nm-based Zen 5 CPUs are called Nirvana. There may be a different name for the Zen 5C cores. While Zen 6 CPUs may be called Morpheus and they will use a 2nm process node for servers.

These codenames are interesting as we are still a few years away from the launch of Zen 5 and Zen 6, with AMD busy working on Zen 4 architecture.

AMD Zen Architectures:

  • Zen 4 (5nm) - Persephone
  • Zen 5 (3nm) - Nirvana
  • Zen 6 (2nm) - Morpheus

There have also been performance estimates that suggest Zen 5 could be a significant step up over Zen 4, particularly in servers. EPYC Turin is apparently on the way, and the successor EPYC Venice (Zen 5) will likely come on a multi-chipset, Zen 6 (2nm) core architecture. 2024 will see the introduction of Zen 5 offering AMD V-Cache and Compute Variants with a new microarchitecture focusing on better performance per watt. This includes a re-pipelined front-end that is a "wider issue," with integrated AI and machine learning optimization and other features. Zen 5 CPUs will include:


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