Move Over, Ordinary: Noise Macro Smartwatch Shakes Up India!

The gadget is the Noise Macro Smartwatch, a new release from the popular smartwatch brand in India; this one packs a 2-inch TFT display and boasts a collection of over 220 cloud-based watch faces — because everyone's style is different, and that's okay. It's available on Amazon and the official Noise website for a regular price of INR 2,999, but you can currently pick it up for just INR 1,499; choosing between Jet Black and Space Blue, or one of five trendier than you are colors.

Move Over, Ordinary: Noise Macro Smartwatch Shakes Up India!

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Display: View everything in crystal-clear detail with the 2-inch TFT display.
  • Customization Galore: Choose from more than 220 cloud-based watch faces to express yourself your way.
  • Stylish Variety: Pick from seven trendy color variants –Jet Black, Space Blue, Rose Pink, Metallic White, Olive Green, Lilac Purple and Blush Pink.
  • Affordable Price: At just INR 1,499, this smartwatch is easy on the pocket. Get it now on Amazon and
  • Smart Functionality: With voice assistant support and Tru Sync, that delivers improved Bluetooth calling, this watch has it all.
  • Health Monitoring: The NoiseFit has the Noise Health Suite with elements for tracking heart rate, SpO2, sleep, and stress levels.
  • Productivity Boost: Get daily reminders to review your progress and then smash them with the Productivity Suite.
  • Long Battery Life: Enjoy up to 7 days of battery life for consistent use.
  • Durability: With IP67 water and dust resistance, this smartwatch is up to life and ready to be worn everywhere.

It’s more than just function; it’s a fashion statement. A 2.5D curved display ensures excellent clarity for the notifications, fitness stats, and watch faces you’ll cycle through, while a multi-functional crown makes for easy navigation. The metallic finish adds an elegant touch.

Siri and Google Voice Assistant make everything more convenient as well, thanks to Bluetooth 5.3, calls are always stable. It also sports the Noise Health Suite, monitoring all of your most vital metrics, such as heart rate, SpO2, sleep, and stress.

You're going on a lot of adventures each week? No problem, Noise Macros has you covered. The Noise Macro Smartwatch can last up to 7 days on a single charge, and it boasts IP67 water and dust resistance. It comes with the NoiseFit App for tracking your health and fitness statistics. This is a smartwatch for the active individual who has a modern lifestyle.

Can I personalize the watch faces?

Yes! Over 220 cloud-based watch faces ensure you stand out in any crowd.

What smart functionalities does it offer?

In addition to voice assistant support, you’ll find Tru Sync software gives you a better Bluetooth calling experience and a range of health monitoring functions powered by the Noise Health Suite.

What makes the Noise Macro Smartwatch more stylish than other available options?

The Noise Macro Smartwatch has a 2-inch TFT display with 220 x 240 resolution — so it doesn’t just look good, its visuals are relatively clear and crisp. GO TO STORE 

Who Is the Noise Macro Smartwatch for?

The Noise Macro Smartwatch is a perfect option for people with a modern, active lifestyle. It’s durable and comes with a long battery life, plus the power of the NoiseFit App with health tracking so you can know everything about your health.

How Does It Work?

The Noise Macro Smartwatch comes with a Productivity Suite that will provide you with daily reminders to Smash your goals! Review and smash your goals.

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