Samsung Confirms Free Galaxy AI Features Until 2025

Samsung is known for innovation in the field of technology and are already leading by inventing Samsung's Galaxy S24 series. The primary component of the series is Galaxy AI, a collection of "Artificial Intelligence" features that will enrich and empower users' smartphone experience.

Samsung Confirms Free Galaxy AI Features Until 2025

What is Galaxy AI?

This Samsung Galaxy S24 series applied a lot of features from what we have seen over time by the company, including new intelligence capabilities as part of its embedded software suite called "Galaxy AI", to help users do tasks with minimum effort. With Galaxy AI, users can:

  • Convert Audio/Text in Real-Time
  • You select things on your screen as if you were circling terms in a text document, and it performs searches to find all of the matches for those objects online.
  • Summarize webpages quickly
  • And much more!

Samsung Galaxy AI to Be Free Until 2025

Samsung Galaxy AI features free to use untill 2025 on supported galaxy devices. The company is supported in this initiative by the AI capabilities of Galaxy AI, and aims to have 70 million users benefit from its use. Samsung is promoting this with seven Galaxy Experience Spaces available globally to where users can discover and interact with these AI tools.

Samsung is reportedly planning a commercial service for its virtual assistant, dubbed "Galaxy AI+," as soon as 2026. While we have no confirmation on exactly which, it's a fairly good bet that the basics will be free with an optional subscription model for professional features. This model is in line with the direction that other AI-driven virtual assistance, such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google Gemini and Microsoft Copilot started off free initially

Key Features of Samsung Galaxy AI

Here’s a closer look at some of the standout features of Samsung Galaxy AI:

Circle to Search

This feature, created in conjunction with Google, provides users to make searches by long pressing the home button. With a swipe or either circling, highlighting, tap on anything what's displayed users can quickly see the search results instantly which make it easier to find information.

Chat Assist

To fine-tune how Galaxy AI replies and modifies messages, phrases, or settings... many of which are adjusted using the Chat Assist feature. The same app also provides 13 different languges; where messages can be translated in real time which makes it easier for people speaking other languages to communicate..


This cool translation tool is the bridge between person-to-person conversation on different languages. It equipped with a split-screen for live translations so that both parties can read translated text because it used the mobile screen space in an optimal way. But, equally impressively this feature need not require an Internet connection.

Photo Assist

To improve your photography skills, use the Generative Edit tool with a feature known as Photo Assist. Photos can be zoomed in on, as well as editing to make the image better by whatever means necessary.

Additional Features and Capabilities

In addition to these core functionalities, Samsung Galaxy AI will also be seamlessly connectible with other samsung services and apps. For instance:

  • Smart Tips: Your Galaxy AI knows how you use your device and can offer personalized suggestions for apps, settings, and content to get the most out of it all.
  • Improved Safety: The system's built-in AI is always on the lookout for security vulnerabilities and notifies you in real-time so that your phone data never falls into wrong hands.
  • Productivity Boost: An AI can automate scheduling, sort out emails and help summarize a document which will aid you in your work tasks putting into consideration that it would help improve productivity.

The Future of Galaxy AI

That may sound a little familiar -- it's similar to the strategy of other tech giants, which released their AI-based virtual assistants for free at first and then brought more serious paid versions online. Bring on 2026 — and what new functionality Samsung will introduce into Galaxy AI.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy AI will change how we utilize our smartphones in everyday life with a more efficient and enjoyable service. As one of the first wide-spectrum AI software solutions from Samsung, and a service that will be incrementally updated in 2020 as well, Galaxy AI may arguably evolve into an unmissable tool for Samsung customers around the world.

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