LG Electronics Unveils Advanced 2024 Soundbar Line-Up for Enhanced Home Entertainment

LG Electronics has launched its updated lineup of audio products, including soundbars that deliver superior sound quality and a truly effortless at-home entertainment experience. The 2024 line-up consists of models SQ75TR, SG10TY, SQ70TY, S773Y and S65TR that have been specifically designed to produce premium sound with a full mix of features to optimise LG TVs.

LG Electronics Unveils Advanced 2024 Soundbar Line-Up for Enhanced Home Entertainment

Elevated User Experience

According to LG the new soundbars will take customer experience to a whole another level by offering subject based fileter and increased convinence with added immersion. Atmos technology built into each device. technology.

Key Features of LG Soundbars

WOW Interface

The soundbar settings is easy to manage and the users can simply operate it by their TV, as long as your TV supports S20A wow UI communication. To match LG's TV ecosystem, the interface is perfectly compatible for a better user experience.

Triple Level Spatial Sound

LG 3D Sound Engine analysis the content and reproduces multi-dimensional sound with more depth automatically - it will also optimize your audio experience, according to your space) The input audio is enhanced through this technology to create a wider and more engaging sound experience making movies, games and music far better.

AI Room Calibration

AI Room Calibration also adds the ability to calibrate rear surround speakers in new-for-2024 models. Helps audio immersion and makes it simpler to put the speakerillusion Once again, LG utilize their AI Room Calibration to tweak the sound automatically to match the acoustics of your room in order that no matter where you place it - on a cabinet or will be wall-mounted.


Audio excellence from the SG10TY model is enabled by a WOWCAST feature that lets it connect wirelessly to LG TVs. Which means that Dolby Atmos audio will sound pretty good, or as best the speaker can make it. WOWCAST frees you from the burden of tangled cumbersome cables.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Stream millions of songs and podcasts with high-fidelity audio from music streaming platforms Tidal Connect, or Spotify Connect using these Wi-Fi enabled soundbars that delivers a frictionless listening experience. Wi-Fi connectivity is also used for multi-room audio setups that allow users to control music played in different rooms throughout.

Center Up-Firing Speaker

The S70TY, designed for LG QNED TVs, is equipped with the industry's first center up-firing speaker at a head 30-degree angle which delivers enhanced voice clarity in an easy to install compact form factor. The technology keeps dialogue crystal clear, even while watching TV shows and movies.

Powerful Output and Clutter-Free Setup

The S65TR and SQ75TR models come with a 600W output and feature rear speakers that do not require a separate receiver box, ensuring a clutter-free setup. The S65TR offers a 5.1 channel configuration, while the SQ75TR enhances the experience with a 5.1.1 channel setup, a QNED matching bracket, and center up-firing speakers for exceptional sound projection.

Versatile Connectivity Options

The new LG soundbars offer a variety of connectivity options, including HDMI eARC, optical input, and Bluetooth. This versatility allows users to connect multiple devices, such as gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and smartphones, to the soundbar for an all-encompassing audio experience.

Eco-Friendly Design

LG has also emphasized sustainability in its new soundbar range. The 2024 models are designed with eco-friendly materials and packaging, aligning with LG's commitment to reducing environmental impact. The soundbars feature energy-efficient components and are manufactured using processes that minimize carbon emissions.

Price and Availability

The LG Soundbars are available for purchase in India across retail and online platforms, starting at Rs 29,990. With these new offerings, LG continues to set the standard for home audio quality, ensuring that every movie, show, and song sounds its best.

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