Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra Name Confirmed: Official Support Pages Reveal Details

Introduction to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra looks to be the jewel of Samsung wearables. As Samsung's top wearable, the Galaxy Watch has an expectation to meet of better performance, a stylish design and perhaps some new features. Samsung has officially named the new smartwatch as simply 'Galaxy Watch Ultra', a name which has been floating around for a few weeks now and was confirmed to us by support documents -- but now it's official. A smartwatch from Huawei, one of the smartwatches most feared by all of Wear OS, is coming along; if it shows up to the fight in 2022 as expected (at this rate!), That highly-anticipated smartwatch is probably going to be a blow-for-blow match with Apple Watch Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra Name Confirmed: Official Support Pages Reveal Details

Galaxy Watch Ultra Launch Date and Event Details

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra was also just announced to launch on July 10, the same day as the big Galaxy Unpacked keynote. Instead, this event is expected to reveal the Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Z Flip 6, Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Watch 7. That luxury is due to be redefined with the next addition to this line-up, the Galaxy Watch Ultra.

Confirmation Through Official Support Pages

The Galaxy Watch Ultra was found by 91mobiles listed on the official Samsung website in Canada. This product listing did two things, it confirmed the name - Galaxy Watch Active 2 and it revealed some important information for the smartwatch. Per the support page, the Galaxy Watch Ultra will be LTE-capable and likely be in a 47mm form factor. However, it also looks like this is the only size that will come with the Galaxy Watch Ultra.

Previously, the model number SM-L705F was associated with the Galaxy Watch Ultra, but now the name has been officially confirmed. Although the support pages have been removed from several markets, including Canada, we have secured screenshots to verify this information.

Design and Build Quality

The company will probably aim for a durable design since the Galaxy Watch Ultra is envisioned as a companion suitable for everyday wear and outdoor activities. The watch is said to have a circular dial in a square case, which certainly would help it stand out from some of the other smartwatches available.

Colour Options and Buttons

The wearable has been seen in White and Dark Grey colours with an orange side button. Reportedly, this button is a part of the new function called "Quick Button," which will allow better navigation and faster starting of key processes.

Premium Materials

It will likely have a Titanium (Grade 4) body for the chasis, because of it durability and lightness. The display will be protected by sapphire crystal glass for better scratch resistance and clarity.

Display and Brightness

The other model we are seeing in leaks is Galaxy Watch Ultra, which is said to be equipped with a high-quality screen with a brightness of up to 300 nits. That guarantees superb visibility even under direct sunlight, suitable for going outdoors.

Durability and Resistance

Water and Dust Resistance

The Galaxy Watch Ultra water resistant up to 100 meters is the first-party it seems. This makes it perfect for swimming and all kind o fwater sport. The smartwatch is also expected to feature dustproof hence offering a reliable performance in different atmospheric conditions.

Performance and Connectivity

It is expected that processors and all kinds of necessary hardware are on the top so that the Galaxy Watch Ultra works without brakes. Finally, the LTE support means it can be worn without a phone at all and function as a standalone device.

Health and Fitness Features

Samsung is also well known for its health and fitness tracking capabilities so you can expect the Galaxy Watch Ultra to continue that tradition. Although we don't know the specifics of the sensors and tracking yet, an advanced suite of health monitoring features (like heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, maybe even ECG), seems like a safe bet.

Integration of Software and Ecosystem

The Galaxy Watch Ultra will be based on the One UI Watch ecosystem from Samsung, and it is expected to work smoothly with other Samsung products. Full access to notifications, music controls, and thousands of apps are just a handful of features that the smartwatch can provide while tethered to the larger Samsung Galaxy ecosystem.

Battery Life and Charging

Excellent battery life is a must for any smartwatch, and the Galaxy Watch Ultra should excel here as well. However, battery specs are not yet confirmed, yet it promises to deliver multiple days of usage on a single charge based on power management capabilities and users can expect an optimized battery feature so users can be sure that it will probably make the most of the battery as well.

Pricing and Availability

It's unclear how much the Galaxy Watch Ultra will cost, but with such advanced features and build quality, it should be priced as a premium product. The availability will also probably start a few hours right after the official launch at the Galaxy Unpacked event and pre-orders may be live on the same date as well.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra is shaping up to be an exceptional addition to the world of wearable technology. With its rugged design, premium materials, and comprehensive feature set, it is poised to compete with the best smartwatches available today. As we await its official release, the confirmed details already paint a picture of a device that will elevate the user experience to new heights.

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