GTA 6 Release Date Has Made Xbox Very Jumpy, Microsoft Confirms

Well, 2025 looks like it is going to be a hell of a year in gaming. Given the large game launches and even a new console that is reportedly on the cusp of being released, it is no surprise why developers are terrified of hitting each other.

If it feels like the past few weeks have been nothing but gaming showcases, well... you'd be right. You know, that time when there are some upcoming games that gamers can get excited about right up until next June!

GTA 6 Release Date Has Made Xbox Very Jumpy, Microsoft Confirms

One of those was the Xbox Games Showcase, which some viewers argued was the best event of the year. But those same eyes also took notice of something else - many of the titles set to premiere soon were missing one key element: a release date.

Highly expected titles like the Perfect Dark reboot, Doom: The Dark Ages, and Fable were all either slapped with broad 2025 launch windows or went announcementless completely-- leaving fans questioning if we might ever see those video games arrive wherever quickly.

The mystery has since been partially answered in a Variety Strictly Business podcast interview with Matt Booty, the president of gaming content and studios at Xbox.

Booty was then asked if this vagueness relates to the release of Grand Theft Auto VI, which is likely to be Fall 2025.

Booty responded to that question, saying: “I think many people out there are probably going to want to plan across GTA VI and of course we can't wait for that title [...] we will be ready to do our best work with them as that title develops.

It's maybe not all that shovel considering how Grand Theft Auto VI has languished as one of the most-anticipated titles on top of this planet. In a world created by Rockstar Games, it has now been over 10 years since the last entry and fans have been waiting to step back into the chaos with open arms.

But Booty also pinned the earler decision not to launch into the gaping maw of one of its own tentpole releases.

"I believe that for us, the most important thing is to make sure we don't trip over ourselves. We want to make sure that every game is given room and an opportunity to shine since we have a really large portfolio and a quite large lineup for the autumn and spring.

GTA 6 Release Date is Already Dreaded by PC Gamers

Boy, it has been a pretty busy couple of weeks in the world of video games.

After Summer Game Fest, Ubisoft Forward, Xbox Games Showcase and Sony's State of Play left us with a much clearer picture of what's arriving in the final six months of this year and heading into 2025 - and remember, there's still that Nintendo Direct to come.

GTA 6 Release Date Has Made Xbox Very Jumpy, Microsoft Confirms

Well, I have to say 2025 is already sounding like a very interesting year.

Here we are! We will find out many things and one of those is the successor to Nintendo Switch, as revealed before, and a long list of the most anticipated videogames for all platforms.

Next year should bring with it Monster Hunter Wilds, Atomfall, DOOM: The Dark Ages, Fable, South of Midnight, Death Stranding 2: On The Beach, Little Nightmares 3 and Pokémon Legends: Z-A among other releases that will hopefully be joined by Grand Theft Auto VI.

Rockstar Games released an update for GTA VI quite a while ago.

Other than its 2025 release, we know even less about the game save for that's is a return to Vice City to meet Bonnie and Clyde-esque pair Lucia and Jason.

A guaranteed title that will certainly arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S is GTA VI.

As is usually the case with GTA releases, it'll presumably come to PC at some point down the road but the lack of confirmation is already troubling plenty of PC devotees.

This is very similar to what Take-Two chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick previously said: "Rockstar has an exclusive relationship with Sony currently [with PS4 editions] … but they have the right to do [a PC game] in the future. It's a business decision of Rockstar to make.”

"Though historically this company has essentially gone wherever consumers want to be" on whatever platform over time, he continued, "I firmly believe that for the business the right strategy is to be where the consumer is."

In which case, it sounds like a PC release is extremely likely then — “Why can’t we just play the game that was coded and made on a PC,” asks Reddit user ItsJW531 via an otherwise innocuous meme — assuming you're not one of those that's ready to jump head-first into cross topics.

Then you wouldn't have to buy it twice,” replied one user.

Some raised the argument that PC users would be sure to mine all juicy content from day one, uncovering spoilers of endgame lore and Easter eggs alike.

One never quite knows, but whatever the reason, you can almost guarantee that GTA VI will eventually make its way to PC. Hold on there folks.

Xbox's Strategy Amid GTA VI Release

GTA VI will have a huge effect on the gaming industry, far more than I believe anyone can imagine. Throughout its history, the Grand Theft Auto series had defined open-world gaming conventions, raised narratives, and tackled technological leaps. Hence, the stance taken by other game developers and publishers with respect to GTA VI release window is key.

In other words, some people at Microsoft - which is even more committed to making sure its own titles get top billing - would love nothing more than to slap those warnings on the boxes. The GTA VI aspect of the quote, while not a confirmation of release, is an acknowledgement from Matt Booty that there are strategic elements to consider when releasing new games. This is because Microsoft’s decision to push back or alter release schedules for its marquee titles is about not having to directly compete with the juggernaut GTA VI will almost certainly be.

Anticipated Titles and Their Challenges

Let's dive deeper into some of the titles that have been mentioned with tentative 2025 release dates:

  • Perfect Dark Reboot- Perfect Dark is a cherished franchise that we would be thrilled to see rescued from the dust of history. Still, timing it alongside a less crowded release will be of massive importance.
  • Doom: The Dark Ages-Another suitable follow-up to one of this year's most anticipated games, the next Doom is set to deliver just as much violent action with a gritty tale to boot. The stakes are high for its market performance, lest it were to be overshadowed by GTA VI.
  • Fable - Fable series reboot, got a lot of fans pretty pumped It is an oddball series combining fantasy elements with humour so it may struggle to find an audience, although the date of release would be a big factor in this endeavour.

Strategic Release Timing

Microsoft's strategic planning extends beyond just avoiding GTA VI. The company aims to ensure that its games have ample space to thrive in the market. This involves careful consideration of various factors:

  • Seasonal Sales - Releasing a game in the peak season such as Holiday sales can help to bring large number of sales, but also puts us on the place to compete with other countless games.
  • Marketing Schedule- Marketing requires the proper build-up of time. Tying a launch with massive gaming events can generate the needed hype and built-in anticipation.
  • Post-launch Support- Ensuring post-launch content and support is released in a timely manner to continue engaging players long after initial release.

The Broader Implications for the Gaming Industry

The ripple effect of GTA VI’s release date extends beyond just Xbox. Other major players in the gaming industry are also likely to adjust their schedules. Sony, Nintendo, and various third-party developers will all be watching Rockstar’s moves closely.

Sony's Strategy

Sony, with its robust line-up of exclusives, might also consider rescheduling or strategically placing its releases to avoid direct competition. Titles like Horizon Forbidden West 2 or the next God of War instalment would benefit from a clear release window, free from the shadow of GTA VI.

Nintendo's Approach

Nintendo’s strategy often differs from that of Sony and Microsoft, focusing on its unique IPs and innovative gameplay. However, even Nintendo would likely avoid launching major titles like the new Zelda or Mario games around the same time as GTA VI.

Third-Party Developers

For third-party developers, the challenge is even greater. Competing for attention in a market dominated by GTA VI means either ensuring their games are highly differentiated or strategically timing their releases to capture an undistracted audience.

The Future Landscape of Gaming

Looking ahead, the landscape of gaming in 2025 and beyond will be shaped by these strategic decisions. The anticipation for Grand Theft Auto VI sets a high bar, and other developers and publishers will need to innovate and plan meticulously to ensure their games receive the attention they deserve.

Innovations and Trends

Expect to see increased innovation in game design, storytelling, and technology as companies strive to stand out. Trends such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and cloud gaming are likely to play significant roles in shaping the future of gaming.

Gamer Engagement

Maintaining gamer engagement through consistent updates, live events, and community interaction will become even more critical. Games that manage to build and sustain vibrant communities will thrive in this competitive environment.


The impending release of Grand Theft Auto VI has indeed made the gaming industry sit up and take notice. With strategic planning and innovative approaches, companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are positioning themselves to not just survive but thrive in a landscape that promises to be both challenging and exciting.

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