Future Lovers: The Impact of AI on Sexual Relationships

It's possible that one of the certainties of maturity is the difficulty of developing close relationships. As amazing as love, passion, friendship, and connection might feel, they can also bring about some of the most agonizing experiences in life. However, evidence consistently indicates that close relationships shield us against a wide range of major illnesses, including loneliness, despair, and physical sickness, despite these inherent challenges. Studies regularly confirm the health benefits of human connection. In addition, our desire for closeness drives us to improve ourselves as people by working harder, going to school, working out, and achieving other objectives that elevate our status as partners in the eyes of others.

Future Lovers: The Impact of AI on Sexual Relationships

But an interesting change is happening. The day is not far off when we will not need to rely on other people to provide for our intimate needs. AI enthusiasts, such as chatbots, avatars, cam girls, and sex robots, have the ability to surpass humans in many aspects. For instance, technology is developing so swiftly that, compared to images of actual people, AI images appear "more human" and "more trustworthy" (Nightingale and Farid, 2021; Tuccarelli and colleagues, 2022). According to one study, chatbots were even more considerate of people than the human players in video games when they were together (Mei et al, 2023)! Virtual reality-produced pornography is regularly seen as "more arousing" than traditional, two-dimensional pornography (Evans 2023).

Furthermore, contemporary sex toys that are designed for all genital kinds can stimulate more than the majority of human partners can. Even with limitless plastic surgery, images produced in all formats can be produced to a degree of physical perfection that is unlikely to be attained by humans. More inventive sexual possibilities are available with virtual partners than the average human partner is willing or able to provide. Additionally, even if the majority of us would rather have a human spouse than one created by AI, there are inherent drawbacks to having a human lover as opposed to one created by AI. Humans are capable of being cranky, saying unpleasant things, and declining sex, for instance. People are concerned about your oral hygiene and might not be willing to discuss or even play out your favorite sexual fantasy with you. An AI lover's libido or ardour will not be hampered by any of these problems. Because of this, I think it's conceivable that, similar to real loves, virtual lovers will also be irreplaceable in their own special ways.

That's why I can't help but question what impact the AI addition to our bedrooms will have on our humanity, especially given the seeming narcissistic trend in our culture right now. Narcissism appears to have become a keyword when discussing the difficulties of intimacy in the present era, possibly influenced by an internet that embraces, promotes, and prioritizes personal thoughts and sentiments at the detriment of others. It appears likely that AI partners will only encourage this type of relationship because narcissistic romantic partners prioritize their own sexual needs over those of their partners. Additionally, studies have shown that young individuals turn to sex tech for sex education (Cormier and O'Sullivan 2021). Only time will tell how this mix of romantic relationships with AI lovers and human connection over the internet will play out. However, I do wonder if narcissism will always exist if our AI partners no longer inspire us to advance and if the internet, which serves as our main socialization tool, merely promotes self-focus.

It need not be, though. Even simply being aware of these dynamics as they develop may improve our close connections. As a population, we will need to be determined and put in work to expand, but if we embrace these abilities as priorities and goals, we can achieve them. We can write the future of intimacy's tale together. And by doing this, we could theoretically integrate all the advantages of technology with humankind's ancient knowledge. Let's tell a tale of human evolution that improves our capacity for caring for one another, rather than one in which humanity's destiny is defined by a rise in narcissism. We are capable of building a more resilient and compassionate future. We now require the willpower.

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