A Long-Lost Game Boy Advance Title Finally Released

A lot of games are cancelled before their release - few titles, however, can claim to have been cancelled three times. Kien is a Game Boy Advance title once scheduled for release in 2002. Arcade units were sent to gaming magazines like Nintendo Power for review, and the game was canceled just before its wide release. We tried to release the animal twice more, but it was unsuccessful. Fast forward to 22 years later and finally Incube8 Games has released Kien completely legally.

A Long-Lost Game Boy Advance Title Finally Released

A digital edition of Kien is out now, but a GBA cartridge version will go on sale later this year. Incube8 Games decided to celebration it learner to show you a fresh look of the title in a new trailer to mark the occassion.

Kien is a 16-bit inspired side-scrolling action platform game with light RPG elements. Dangun: current Playable character [Male Warrior & Priestess] There are 23 levels in the game and the player may choose to play the levels in any order, uprising their strength in the ones where an easier juice stand is required to replenish more quickly.

Story of Kien

Discover the Secret of Kien! Malkut is planet where the 7 Masters of the Absolute have conscientiously governed the planet of Malkut for 7,000 years. Chaos has returned however, evil now consumes the Land of Harmony. The 7 Masters are gone, their Warriors --dead, there are deaths in the Temples, and much blood to be found! So what happened? Their only glimmer of hope lies within the hearts and wills of two young apprentices. They are destined to combat evil, find the truth, and uncover the mystery of Kien.

Gameplay and Features

Kien is an enthralling action platformer infused with RPG elements, immersing adventurers in a captivating fantasy world of 23 intricate and demanding levels. With gameplay that maintains a relentless pace, players are thrown into frenetic action, confronting a multitude of adversaries. The distinctive non-linear structure grants players the freedom to explore Kien's expansive world as they choose, making every playthrough a unique adventure.

What's Included

  • Game ROM
  • PDF instruction booklet
  • Game cover art


  • Release date: June 14th, 2024
  • Genre: Platformer, RPG
  • Platform: Game Boy Advance
  • Collection: Incube8 Games
  • Age rating: General
  • Developer: AgeOfGames (formerly PMStudios)
  • Development platform: GBA SDK
  • Players: Single player
  • Play Time: Approximately 10-15 hours
  • Replayability: Very High
  • Supported languages: English
  • Game numbering: AGB-829E-USA

Physical Release

Incube8 Games had planned to release the physical version of Kien in the second quarter of this year, but there is no exact release date yet. When it is released, the physical version will include the cartridge, a cartridge protector, the box, a manual, and some stickers.

Kien's official release marks the end of a long journey for this intriguing game. Whether you prefer digital or physical copies, you can now finally experience this long-lost Game Boy Advance title.

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